Sky is the limit.

Follow your own star, no fear of the end.

The Witch next door
11 October


Hello and welcome to la_fairie’s personal and icon journal.

This journal is semi-friends only. Icons are always posted public, though the personal entries are not. If you want me to add you, please comment on this post (+ it would be nice if you say something about yourself). I don’t bite xD

…was born on 11th October. Is honest, friendly, protective, creative, realist, pirate!witch, obsessed, veracious…..addicted to music, books, photoshop, family, friends.

The biggest obsessions (with her ships):

Sydney/Vaughn. Nadia/Weiss.
Piper/Leo. Phoebe/Cole.
Aragorn/Arwen. Eowyn/Faramir.
Jack/The Sea.

x3_icontest Icontest comm for X-men 3: The Last Stand
xmen_awards Awards community for X-men icons.
alias_challenge Alias Challenge, Episode Icons.
piper_lims LIMS dedicated to Piper Halliwell.

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